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The BETA Project 2.0

Building workplace skills through

technology & theatre

2022-23 Overview & Impact

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What is the BETA Project?

The BETA Project is an in-school residency that melds the fundamentals of technology with storytelling. It is an innovative and engaging way for students to learn about, and reflect on, their own process for “upskilling.”


Everyone entering the workforce – whether as an entrepreneur, project manager, graphic artist, small business owner, or administrative assistant – must have the ability to embrace the ever-changing technological landscape. Becoming a lifelong learner is necessary to keep pace with our rapidly transforming economies.


The BETA Project Teaching Artists guide students through the process of creating a multi-media work - featuring lessons that boost an "upskiller" mindset. It is full of opportunities to take risks, explore creative thinking, and spark problem-solving. Alley Theatre works with each teacher to build the project around their curriculum, bolstering TEKS centered student learning and skill.


East Early College High School

Alley Theatre partnered with the Mexican-American History class. Students chose to build their project around an icon from their community: Ninfa Lorenzo. Using the anchor "Her story is my story," they filmed and edited testimonials, and the experience was capped off with a live performance for the community.

Raul Yzaguirre School for Success

Alley Theatre partnered with ELA classes who were studying Romeo & Juliet. They set the play in modern times and identified conflicts still prevalent in their communities - then created characters for the modern version. They filmed and edited the interviews, and the experience was capped off with a live performance component, which can be seen at the end of the video.


2022-2023 School Year

170 students at 4 schools & 1 community organization

99% of students were Black, Indigenous, or People of Color

78% are considered economically disadvantaged

3,189 cumulative contact hours with all students

Program Feedback

"It was a super fun and insightful program that taught me and many others how to more deeply use editing software. Plus, the people leading the class where super nice and patient."

- BETA Project Student


To assess growth, students answered questions before and after the residency.
Students rated their skills on a scale from 1-10. 

1. How experienced are you with creating and telling stories using digital tools (scripting and editing)?






2. How much do you enjoy creating and telling stories using digital tools?






3. Do you think that you have the digital skills to be highly successful in your career






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